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Cheap Home Loans up to 1% under
Bank Standard Variable Rate !


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Making Sense of Home Loan Offers.

Lately, we have all been bombarded by marketers of financial products. They are coming at you from Radio, Television, Newspapers, Billboards, even the internet. Bank and Non-Bank lenders are seeking out potential borrowers through all means possible, offering discounts, savings and negative feedback about all of their competitors.

So who is the best lender for you, one offering the greatest discounts, one with a branch near home, one who promises to cover all your exit fees, or the one with the best looking mortgage broker? The answer is simple – none of the above!

Before deciding on the loan offer that best meets your needs you should take some time to define your specific needs. Do you need the stability of knowing that your loan repayments will not change for several years – if you do, then you should be comparing deals amongst the fixed rate home loans only. For debt help go to Debt Solutions

Are you after a high lvr Low Doc Home Loan or the cheapest Low Doc on the market? Sometimes the cheapest low doc will ask the borrower to provide more proof of income or only offer a loan to 60% of the value of your property.

First Home Buyers often need to find the lenders who will accept the lowest possible deposit – these will not necessarily be the lenders with the cheapest rates or the lowest fees.

Are you an active investor who would like to gain access to their property equity with the view to further investment? If that is your loan purpose you may need to compare lenders who can offer several loan splits as well as an offset account. Borrowers looking to upgrade their home in the near future should only be comparing loans that are portable.

Alternatively they should verify the applicable exit fees in the even of an early mortgage repayment. Remember the highest exit penalties are generally applicable to Fixed Loan products. A couple of years ago when rates started going up many borrowers panicked and fixed their home loans at 8.5% or 9% for several years.

When some months later interest rates began to fall, many people attempted to refinance out of their fixed rate loans only to find out that their loan break fees are $100,000. When agreeing to fix the interest rate on your mortgage, you are doing so for better or for worse. If rates keep going up you stand to benefit, however if rates begin to drop it is highly unlikely that you will be able to refinance to take advantage of the drop.

A home loan with a slightly higher rate which allows a borrower to debt consolidation or consolidate unsecured debts into it or one that offers additional cashout, – may in the long run be a better home loan deal for you than a basic no fee lowest possible interest rate product. Beware of Brokers trying to sell you on a refinance because of the 80 basis points discount you will qualify for.

You need to understand – what is the rate you will be getting the discount from? How long will the discount apply? Are you able to find a better mortgage deal from another lender offering a smaller discount of a lower starting rate?

Check the product comparison rate. Home loan comparison rate is designed to reflect the true cost of the mortgage you are considering inclusive of all fees and charges. Beware of low start home loans. They may seem very cheap but after the first 12 months can revert to a much higher rate and repayment amount.

Read the fine print before agreeing to any of these. Before proceeding with a Mortgage Refinance consider the potential savings. It is quite possible that a lender you are refinancing to has not passed on the previous rate increases announced by the RBA and may do so shortly after you come onboard.

HoneyHomeLoans.com.au are here to help you deal with these and other questions. Our brokers and associates will not try to offer you the cheapest loan on the market. What they will try to do is talk you through your situation and your requirements. Then they will search through the available home loan products to find the loan that is best for you in the long run.

Sometimes a loan that costs a little more upfront can offer you a flexibility and a level of savings that is hard to quantify.Don't forget about income protection . More and more Australians get income protection insurance today as well as life insurance. To get you life insurance quotes from australian leading insurers visit Lifedeal

Home Loans News & Updates

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January 11, 2016, 11:42 pm

Owning your very own home is a big step in anyone’s life. Living in your own house, which you purchased with your own money, is one of the best feelings there is. A home is where a person’s heart is. It is, therefore, very important that you select a house that can be a home …

Helping children buy their first home

November 19, 2015, 3:28 am

With property prices across most Australian capital cities quickly becomig out of reach of ordinary first home buyers, parents are regukarly asked by their children for assistance with purchasing their first home. There are numerous ways that a parent could step in to help the younger generation enter the property market. Unfortunately the most dangerous …


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